How to Achieve Social Selling Success on LinkedIn as a B2B Vendor — 3 LinkedIn Activities You Can Do Today

1.) Bait your buyers using a fantastic B2B LinkedIn profile

2.) The 80/20 principle to create value — USE IT

Have you ever heard of Pareto’s principle? The Pareto Principle asserts that 80% of results come from 20 percent activity. The 80/20 rule is a general rule which can be applied to anything. It can also pertain to 80% of consequences stem from 20 percent of effort.

3.) Who to Connect with on LinkedIn: Build B2B Plans Which Drive Profit

Turning connections into offline conversations is the main goal of SOCIAL SELLING. Social selling is not the action of selling on media. Instead, the purpose is to build relationships on B2B networking platforms by creating trust and value with your prospects.

  1. Is the Connection a prospect?
  2. Is the Connection someone who can help me with my LinkedIn goals?
  3. Is the Connection someone who can help my visibility on LinkedIn?
  4. Is the Connection someone who is fairly successful on LinkedIn?
  5. Is the Connection going to make me look stupid by association with the content they post?
  6. Is the Connection somebody I might be partnering with for lead generation?
  7. Are the Connection’s contacts my prospects? Who are they connected with?
Prospecting on LinkedIn

Generate Leads by Building a System for Your LinkedIn Activities

LinkedIn is a gold mine for connecting with B2B buyers. Your business needs to execute a system about how to best locate the right people and do the three LinkedIn activities I’ve listed above. As a C-level executive, business owner or sales manager, you’re the leader of your company. So, it’s time to learn LinkedIn! We are now in a digital selling world.

Craig Wasilchak is the CEO of Crushing B2B Digital Strategies.



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Craig Wasilchak

Craig Wasilchak


Craig Wasilchak is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and the owner of JW Management and Crushing B2B. He is located in the Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth area